We see the #VisibleWomen movement and we adore it

We The Pvblic

August 7 was an ordinary Monday for me until I saw a comic post on Twitter with the hashtag #VisibleWomen. More piled on until I found out what it actually was and it’s a movement for the better good.

For women in the comic book industry, August 7 became a day for the second iteration of #VisibleWomen, a social media movement which help women in the comics industry gain visibility, become connected and to help them get paid rightfully for their art.

Production company Milkfed made the announcement on the website, inviting all women-identifying comic artists, writers, colorists, letterers, inkers to take Twitter by storm to promote their art.

The creative individuals were given instruction to announce who they are, what they do, what they’re currently doing, and give sample images of their own creations.

Needless to say, the movement was a grand hit with over hundreds of gifted women sharing their work left and right, from 16-year-old self-taught illustrators to the seasoned professionals.

The comics feature all sorts like queer comics, trans comics, comics of color, and comics with disabilities, children’s comics — you name it.

Milkfed will then compile the tweets with the #VisibleWomen hashtag into a big spreadsheet, which will be made available to hiring professionals in the comic book industry, which has been dominated by men in a historical sense.

With movements such as this and Women Who Draw, we’re hoping and betting these women will have more recognition for their work, and have more to offer than just another typical superhero.

Girls rule indeed.

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