WATCH: Wonderlast’s pre-nup concept film will make you ~feel~ good things

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A film director’s job is never an easy one, especially one that specializes in pre-nups and wedding. It takes meticulous work and detail to every aspect in the film, in every possible angle that can be shot as art.

Wonderlast specializes in the narration of a newlywed couple’s love story, as well as the story on their wedding day.

The startup filmmaking company’s storytelling gives their clients the feeling of being the leading actors in their very own films.

And they’ve proven their capabilities and worth in their new pre-nup concept video of Anne and Paul.

Anne and Paul are planning to have their dream pre-nup video, although they’re having a hard time conceptualizing it, with Anne wanting to copy her bestfriend’s video. Paul says it’s okay, as long as it’s memorable.annepaul

Now, the Wonderlast team has three ways to tell a story:

How they met.annepaul2annepaul3

Reenactment of a favorite film.

One More Chanceannepaul6

James Bondannepaul7


Last but not least, creative film.

It can be action, comedy, sci-fi, a music video, animation, or stopmotion. Anything you can imagine.annepaul9annepaul10annepaul11annepaul12annepaul13annepaul14

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