Watch Will Smith’s very dad joke on Jaden Smith

We The Pvblic

Will Smith just gave Jaden Smith one big dad joke and we know who the real Fresh Prince is from the two.

The Fader

Will comes out of a car with gold grills on his teeth, a denim polo, shorts, and those fluffy slippers with high white socks most dads wear. Typical dad move. He posted on Instagram a shout out for his son for reaching 100 million streams on Spotify the best way he can — by making a parody of his son’s “Icon” music video.

Here’s what the original music video looks like:

The parody has got people talking on Will Smith’s rebranding via his Instagram and for good reason.

Parenting done right.

He got us with his iconic Moon Walk

Jaden is shaking:

We want to know when that darn “Whip My Hair” parody is coming out.

Will Will Smith please be our dad too?

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