WATCH: This whole town surprised their deaf neighbor by learning sign language and it is heartwarming

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It’s heartwarming to have people actually care about you so much that they would do something extraordinary to make your day a lot brighter.

Muaharrem is a young deaf man from Istanbul and Ozlem, his sister, teamed up with the crew of Samsung and Leo Burnett to give him a fairly beautiful day.

The whole team spent a month setting up cameras all over the neighborhood and according to imazeit, they also taught Muaharrem’s neighbors how to sign language.

You see Ozlem and Muaharrem out on a normal day, until he notices how everyone in his town is using sign language to communicate with him.

At the end, you see Muaharrem crying his eyes out as the whole thing was an ad for Samsung Turkey’s new video call center for the hearing impaired. Regardless of it being an ad, Muaharrem revealed genuine gratitude, and it was all just very heartwarming.

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