WATCH: Try not to break down watching this heartwarming wedding video

We The Pvblic

“Before, I never pictured myself getting married,” he said to her before they both burst into laughter.

Treehouse Story‘s latest wedding video edit has the pvblic on edge with elements that move hearts and minds.
“Just when you thought you had given up on life, on love, someone comes along. Suddenly, your North becomes your South, the wind becomes warm, the signs change, the heart beats on a different pace,” Treehouse Story said in its post.

“He found her. He found love. He found life.”

“Exactly seven years ago, I was supposed to say yes to you as your girlfriend, but that didn’t happen because of [the] petty fight we had. Now I thank God for giving me another chance to say yes to you on the same date, on July 1, now as your wife,” Tisha Pereyra then told him at the altar.

JC acknowledged that he never thought of getting married. “Before I never pictured myself getting married. I wanted to but I was too scared that no one will love or accept me for who I am,” he said.

“I was also worried of having kids with me, so I planned to spend my life being with friends and never settling down, and enjoying old age surrounded by more dogs and people.”

“Then I met you,” JC added.

“You always thank me for loving and accepting you. I want you to know that I should be the one thanking you,” Tisha responded.

Can you get through the video without crying your heart out? We couldn’t.

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