WATCH: This couple’s freestyle rap for each other has the pvblic wildin’

We The Pvblic

Freestyle rapping isn’t easy. Using your improvisational wits with or without instrumental beats, rapping the lyrics off the top of your head is hard.

Martin San Juan gave his girlfriend Isabella quite a treat when he started freestylin’, giving her one heck of a car ride.

“Hey girl, really nice to meet you. Haven’t met a girl who wouldn’t want to be you ’cause that smile on your face’s got me wildin’, so nice that it got me freestylin’.”

“What more can I say, I could be Jay, she gon’ be my Beyonce,” he ends so flawlessly.

The tables have turned in the second video because almost after a year later, it was Isabella’s turn to rap some sweet, sweet verses and they were just as good as this one.

“Next thing you know, we’re going to the prom. And you’re rapping to me, boy, I’m so gone.”

It was the cutest thing.

The pvblic went wild.


Too lit.

Please, marry and have kids. Do more freestyles together. That is all.
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