WATCH: Si Chester at Ang UV Ride Pa-Ayala is a play on dream jobs and four helpful strangers

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“We have to understand that adolescents are naturally curious. Everything adults do, they would want to try without thinking of the consequences; that is how they are and that is completely normal. This kind of curiosity—reckless as it may be—is part of their development. We cannot hinder them from their self-discovery, but it is our duty to minimize the risks and to protect them from harm,” Atty. Alberto Muyot once said.

Si Chester - Poster new web
Chester, a fresh grad, was on his way to Ayala for his first job interview when he met four eccentric strangers in a UV ride stuck in the deadly C5 traffic. Despite the dreadful hours of sitting inside a cramped vehicle, Chester and the four strangers — a 48-year-old job-seeker dad, a 25-year-old flow artist turned accountant, a 50-year-old BPO-manager-slash-Videoke-Queen, and a 30-something wacky driver — found comfort in each other’s ‘traffic’ stories.

In this unfortunate but funny tale, Chester realized something he’d never forget for the rest of his career life.

Husay Talents and Vibe Dance Studio are collaborating on a multimedia play to provide an avenue for CICL (Children In Conflict with the Law) to practice their love for the arts as a way to celebrate and take new chances at life.

There will also be a gallery exhibit about the situation of Children In Conflict with the Law to inform the pvblic about how the community can help provide opportunities to them, which include video testimonies, photos, and livelihood products.

The target beneficiaries are out-of-school youth, juvenile delinquents, homeless youth, and the youth in poor families.

The play is written by Berna Sastrillo and directed by Aren Adao, in cooperation with Fringe Manila.

See it at the PARC Foundation on February 24!


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