WATCH: Robi Domingo and Gretchen Ho in an awkward situation

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Sometimes, people really have no boundaries, and although we do want Robi Domingo and Gretchen Ho to end up together, we can’t force them to.

That’s what happened in Robi and Gretchen’s latest awkward situation wherein Gretchen was interviewing her former boyfriend of three years.

During a smartphone launch held Thursday evening, the audience couldn’t help but cheer the two on, even bursting into laughter themselves when the crowd kept on going.

We can see Jeron Teng, Sarah Geronimo, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, and Joshua Garcia sharing the stage with the two, also having a hard time keeping a straight face.

At one point, Ho pointed at Jasmine and said, “Ikaw na nga mag-host.” She added, “Joke lang.”

During a post-interview, Gretchen admitted that she did feel a little embarrassed. “Kaunti kasi siguro they can’t expect it to be fully normal. Pero we’re good, we’re good friends. Hindi naman sobra. Sakto lang,” she said.”

Well, at least, something’s gotta start somewhere amarite?

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