WATCH: How to put makeup in a jeepney like a Filipina boss

We The Pvblic

There will always be times when we wake up late and all we can do is rush to work or school without being able to fix our look for the day.

But Anne Custodio is here to help every Filipina boss out there how to do their makeup on a pvblic transportation vehicle namely the jeepney. Jeeps are fine and all and you get a free blow dryer when it comes to drying your hair.

What’s difficult is the sudden stops and the outside factors that make putting on makeup in a jeepney hard compared to putting it on in a private vehicle.

Nonetheless, she slayed the whole tutorial and she’s got a lot of funny wit in there so it’s something worth watching.

She mentions if she gets 500 shares, she’s going to do another makeup tutorial in a tricycle. The post has over 14,200 shares.

Best of luck, Anne!

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