WATCH: The part 2 of the McDonald’s commercial is going to make you feel everything all at once

We The Pvblic

Before everything else, we have to say, the first McDonald’s commercial featuring Elisse Joson was painful enough.

This one is on a whole other level of sweet, sweet karma, and some relief in it.

The guy leaves the girl in the first video, leaving her with nothing but the wrapper of the burger. But in time, you see her heal, getting the strength and courage to go back to that exact spot where she hurt most, eating there happily throughout.


In the latest installment, you can see the guy seeing the girl presumably the first time in a long time. The girl looks his way and he thinks their eyes meet. He stands from his chair to walk over to her, but before he could do it, he sees another man in his way, grabbing the seat that he assumed was his.

Now he sees her happy with someone else. For an instant, you can see the hurt in his eyes.

After taking a bite, he looks up and sees a silver lining in the sky. It connotes that if she can do it, you can do it too. Anyone can afford to be happy. You just have to believe it.

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