WATCH: Nico Bolzico turns Solenn Heussaff into Wifezilla with makeup challenge

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“Not-so-fun fact about my husband Nico: He always, ALWAYS rushes me when I’m getting ready to go out. It doesn’t matter if we’re going on a date or I have to get ready for work,” Solenn Heussaff says about hubby Nico Bolzico in her blog.

“Instead of appreciating how fine I look (lol), he’s all like, Why do you take foreebber?? Ugh.”

In their newest video, Solenn teaches Nico the art of putting on makeup, and how much time and effort it takes in order to do.

I wanted him to understand that, honestly, makeup is like art and like all beautiful art, it takes time and effort to do. So he knows this, I challenged him to do my makeup. Everything from base to contour to blush. I think it ended up backfiring (watch the video below), but I think now he definitely knows why I need to take “foreber”.

She adds, “P.S. If there are any guys reading this, instead of telling your girl to hurry up or insisting that she looks soooo much better without makeup, just appreciate how good she looks! This is our way of giving the self-care we deserve, and I’m SURE you won’t mind when people tell you that we look hot. Lol.

So if you want to see all the shenanigans and the “art” Nico did to Solenn, here’s a sneakpeek:


See the video below!

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