WATCH: Nas Daily shows eyeopening comparison of how men and women are treated when they travel

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“I am Nas. I found out I was 32% done with life. So I quit my great job to build a great life,” Nuseir Yassin wrote in his website.

Nas discovers new countries, cultures, and people all around the world. He has a knack for making 1-minute long videos that are short, sweet, and informative.

In his latest video (Day 410), he shows an eyeopening comparison on how men and women who travel are treated.

“We both love to travel. But for one of us, travel is much, much harder,” he says in the video.

Walking the streets

He mentions that when he travels, he walks down the street day or night without problem while Nas’ companion in the video says, “As a girl, I walk down the street and get stares and cat calls.”

“And during the night, I wouldn’t even go out.”


Nas says “almost every message I get shows interest in me as a person.” She, on the other hand, gets messages that “shows interest in me as an object.”

Dress code

Nas wears the same shirt everyday and it’s acceptable everywhere while she can’t wear it everyday because she’ll be called “sloppy”, if she tries something else, she’s asking for “attention”, while if she tries to wear less, she’ll be “easy”.


“There are different standards for men and for women, and when it comes to travel, the differences are GLARING,” Nas mentions.

“I feel lucky to travel wherever, do whatever, and meet whoever with no fears,” he said. “And feel sad for half the population that doesn’t have it as easy.”

“That’s 1 minute, see you tomorrow,” the woman ends.

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