WATCH: This is what it would look like if Regina George were in ‘High School Musical’

We The Pvblic

Elle Mills is just like any ordinary Canadian kid, except she’s a wiz kid in her trailer editing game.


She has made an Obama & Biden: The Bromance trailer which looks exceptionally like a real movie trailer which we would watch.

She is possibly one of the best for being able to make the 1980s sci-fi thriller Stranger Things into a rom-com.

Elle even turned Lizzie McGuire into a thriller.

She likes using Hall & Oates’ You Make My Dreams composition in her videos, even in her own life trailer.

And now, she’s done it again: She turned Mean Girls’ Regina George into a High School Musical character and we cannot get over it.

Mean School Musical.

If you guys want to see more of Elle’s works, check out her Youtube channel!

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