WATCH: Lloyd Cafe Cadena asked the pvblic which pancit canton they liked more and it is just hilarious

We The Pvblic

The battle between pancit cantons has happened and it was a tough one: Lucky Me vs. Paylesss Xtra Big’s pancit canton.

Now, if you’re an average Filipino like us who grew up with pancit canton merienda, you’ll understand that Lucky Me was always the go-to pancit. Always. No exceptions.

Times have changed and now there’s Nissin’s Yakisoba and the new Payless Xtra Big pancit, which amounts really to a lot of pancit canton.

In the video you can hear Lloyd Cafe Cadena asking the pvblic, people of all ages, which one they liked more. And the results will shook you up.

But overall, watching the video will make you crave pancit. BAD. Fair warning before you indulge on the battle of pancits:

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