WATCH: ‘Hi Stranger’ is the most satisfying video in the world and we need to tell you why

We The Pvblic

Admit it: You must’ve watched it more than once every time it came across your feed.

You all know what it is. “Hi Stranger,” the butt-naked clay figure opens. “It’s okay, you can look at my butt,” it continues.

It’s got that weird I’m Poppy background music but for us, it feels like a whole different thing thanks to the treatment the LA-based animator Kirsten Lepore did with it.

It makes you feel good because the clay figure actually talks to you as someone more than just a friend, someone who values your worth and reminds you of that everyday.

So many of us forget how truly special we really are due to the reality of harsh words, the painful moments of impact, the hardships of life.

The clay figure has made us more at ease and satisfied with ourselves than most human beings and that’s something else.

We need more amazing creations such as this.

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