WATCH: Helen on Fleek’s #ExtremeMakeUpChallenge is the most hilarious thing you will see today

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This is probably the best beauty vlog we’ve ever seen on the Internet. Helen on Fleek is not your typical beauty vlogger, she’s on a new high, creating new challenges.

And with that, she created the #ExtremeMakeUpChallenge on the Drop Tower ride in Skyranch Tagaytay. Yes, she was skillfully putting on her pang-kilay on the ride and it is literally just the funniest thing, the best moments being her just screaming her lungs out all throughout the ride.

And the zoom in hits hard.

It gets even funnier when we find out what her priorities are.

And when she laughs, the whole world stops and stares for a while (Credit: Bruno Mars, thanks man).

The subtitles got us fam.

She won us over fam.

Helen on Fleek

Check out her viral video on Facebook below:

If you want the full one, check it on YouTube:

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