WATCH: Gordon Ramsay teaching a random guy how to make crab meat is the most glorious thing on the Internet

We The Pvblic

Gordon Ramsay is the chef you never want to mess with when it comes to food and making it. If you’ve seen him in Hell’s Kitchen, you probably know what he’s capable of saying and doing on national television.

Honestly, watching him on Hell’s Kitchen is more entertaining than any of his other cooking shows because that’s where you saw the scariest version of him, and the funniest of the harsh things he says.

Today, we got to see Gordon actually teach a totally random guy named Shane how to make crab meat and it was just full-on funny with a side of horrible at the same time. The catch? Shane can’t see any of Gordon’s teachings, he has to rely on his understanding on what Ramsay says.

You have to see this glorious 9-minute video on the Internet today.

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