WATCH: The first ever trailer for the live action ‘Little Mermaid’ doesn’t show Ariel and Prince Eric

We The Pvblic

If you mind us asking, how is it still The Little Mermaid if there isn’t an Ariel or a Prince Eric?!

The explanation the pvblic needs is that the film’s basis is Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale rather than the Disney movie we grew up to. No biggie.

The story follows a little girl played by Loreto Peralta who sees an enchanting woman who she believes is the actual Little Mermaid. It’s a bit different from what we know, but they wouldn’t have made it into a movie if they didn’t believe in its potential. It looks pretty magical still.

The older brother of the girl played by William Moseley is a reporter who travels to a paper town in Mississippi with his sister. They see the potential mermaid played by Downton Abbey‘s Poppy Drayton.

We’ll wait and see how this turns out! You never know, it may become your future favorite movie. *wink*

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