WATCH: 100 ways to get high in honor of 4/20

We The Pvblic

WatchCut has done it again, this time featuring a woman and 100 ways to get high in honor of 4/20.

She introduces herself in such a way that would make you think twice on whether she really did get high, although you can see the determination in her eyes, getting ready to face the battle ahead.

She starts out with a regular joint, to all sorts of ways to get high like an actual gas mask bong, a space helmet, a frost pipe, a gatorade bong, a Pringles bong, a cookie, a Christmas ornament, and all things random for the entertainment of stoners and non-stoners.

“Do you think you can do this?” someone asked. “Uhm, yeah, I think I can do it,” She reassures. “Will I survive, that’s a good question.”

Someone answered:

Regardless, it looks like she had a blast making the video and there’s a fair chance there’ll be a next session.

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