VIRAL: Look how much you can save if you watch Coldplay in SG

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Someone did the math to help us choose between Coldplay live in Manila, or Coldplay live in Singapore.

Mariah Sanchez analyzed the index of the concert ticket prices and well, she explains how watching in SG is a lot cheaper than watching in the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

She explains, “Naka concert ka na nakapag SG ka pa. And you only need P10k atm (the rest you can make ipon later), no Visa needed.”

She notes:

  • Plane tickets can range from Php 3k-10k, depends if it’s on sale or not
  • Food depends on wheter you have a friend or if you want to bring your own baon, or you can opt for the hawker center which is $3-$7 per meal
  • Transportation $20 is more than enough for a week stay, better if you have EZ link or you can opt to buy a tourist pass
  • Lodging depends on whether you have friends, or you can go couchsurfing or go to a backpackers’ hostel which can go as low as $10/night, depending on the number of people you’re heading there with.

    And yes, the benefit of being in another country, heading to different tourist spots and experiencing new things aside from Metro Manila traffic. Sulit, friend.

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