Top 8 Convenience Store Eats

We The Pvblic

When you’re crawling your way ‘til payday, dining in at restaurants and cafes may not be the best idea, unless you want to suffer more for the rest of the week.

Seems like nothing ever goes right the week before payday, but here’s your saving grace. We found convenience store meals under 200 pesos that can fill you up without burning a hole in your pocket!

1. Ministop Uncle John’s Fried Chicken (P 89 with coke)

ministop chicken

2. 7 Eleven Chicken Nuggets (P 35)

711 nuggets

3. 7 Eleven Chef Creations by Claude Tayag Pakbet with Bagnet (P 89)

711 bagnet

4. Lawson Karinderia Station Sweet and Sour Pork (starts at P 69)

lawson karinderia

5. Family Mart Fresh N’ Lite Kimchi Beef Rice (P 175)

family mart kimchi beef rice

6. Family Mart Tuna Mayo and Spam Musubi (P 39)

family mart spam musubi

7. Family Mart Sushi Tray (P 99)

family mart sushi tray

8. Family Mart Unli Twirl Ice Cream (P 25)

family mart unli twirl ice cream

For a sweet ending.

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