Top 10 fun present ideas to step up your gift giving game this Christmas

We The Pvblic

We all love the Christmas festivity – putting up a Christmas tree, dressing up and going to parties, seeing Christmas lights sparkle throughout the city. Well, no one’s there to hash over.

When it comes to getting into the holiday vibes – exchange gifts, monito-monita and secret Santas and all sorts of gift giving activities will always, ALWAYS be in the picture.

Every year, people hoard picture frames, piggy banks, and even personalized, embroidered towels to give away – but really, who wants to receive things that you yourself would just take one look at and never use anyway?

We’re giving you 10 ideas to step up your gift giving game!

1. This one’s for your hip nephew who plays the loudest music every morning through his non-premium Spotify.

Urban Ears headphones

2. Your niece will love you for this.

Instax Mini
Instax Mini

3. It’s time to give your sister the best bath of her life.

Lush Bath Bombs
Lush Bath Bombs

4. Give your best girl friend some Sara Sampaio vibes with VS intimates. Don’t forget to grab yourself a pair, too. #twinning

gift-45. Also, you will never go wrong with these. Perfect for your friend or cousin who spends a lot of time watching make up videos on YouTube.

NYX Lingerie lippies
NYX Lingerie lippies

6. If you’re feeling a little too generous, book a flight and surprise your S.O. with a trip to one of your favorite destinations, or somewhere you two have never been before.

7. Your folks may be the most difficult ones to find gifts for.

You might want to treat them to a date night – a whole day at a spa or a hotel reservation may possibly be the perfect gift for them. Quality time together is priceless.

8. Skip the huge ass bottle of lotion or body splash, your #TitasofManila may just toss them into oblivion aka their vanity cabinet full of a dozen more unused bottles of lotion and body splash. You might want to give them a chic pair of sunglasses to wear to brunch dates with their

Sunnies sunglasses
Sunnies sunglasses

9. How about pot of succulent each for your ~hipster~ barkada? Cute, right?

gift-910. It’s Christmas, after all. Ditch the presents and throw your lists. Maybe your presence is what they all need.