This is how you supercharge your iPhone in 5 minutes

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Need to go somewhere fast with 1% left for your phone? Not to worry!

Here are simple steps on how to actually supercharge your iPhone in 5 minutes:

Turn it on Airplane Mode

This’ll cut all the activity which drains battery such as: searching for a wifi signal, receiving push notifications, connecting to Bluetooth devices

Use an iPad Wall Charger

It can provide more electricity per second (amps) to your iPhone.

A computer USB port can give out 0.5 amps, an iPhone charger with 1.0 amps.

An iPad wall charger can give out 2.1 amps for your iPhone’s boost in charging.

The iPhone 6 and up has been able to support charging up to 2.1 amps


Start charging and leave your iPhone alone

The more times you turn on the display, the more battery you use.

After charging for 5 minutes, a comparison was made between a supercharged iPhone and a normal iPhone charger.

The supercharged iPhone was charged to 10% in 5 minutes, while the normal charger was only capable to charge up to 5%.

You can save an estimated time of one hour if you charge your phone from 0 to 100%!

So remember this simple charging trick and you can supercharge your phone for your next meeting, or your usual TGIF date night!
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