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Chris Egan Roxas

He is the founder and CEO of XS Multimedia. He is fascinated with skulls. A life long fan of music, arts and culture. He has 10 cats and always passionate about life, concepts, creativity, business and making things happen.


Kaka Corral
Content Writer

Life mantra: From a mess to the masses


TJ Zialcita
New Media Coordinator

The good kind of mad.

“Why, sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Micah Morta
Web Developer

She is fascinated with Spiderman. Caffeine runs in her blood. PHP is her second language and food makes her feel satisfied.

Contributing Writers

Genesis Aquino
He writes to explore; explores to write. An aspiring ad superstar and a lover of music.

Gil Cadiz
Gil Cadiz works as a Digital Communications Manager for an Asian direct selling company. He loves human interest stories, is passionate about travel and theatre arts, and is easily enthralled by the sound of a violin.

13936938_10205798496596436_596195638_nKyla Caparas
Kyla is a 21-year old copywriter who whips up her ideas with ingenuity and…pursuit such as cinematography and filmmaking.

12231677_10203995232356109_1485499662_nKean Esguerra
In quest to find true north.

2014_0622_13351500_2 (1)Dan Hernandez
Dan is a code-producing machine during weekdays but evolves into an adrenaline-junkie-monkey during weekends.

Gail Salvacion
Gail is the curious wanderlust who likes the thought that she can survive with everything in her backpack and that material possessions don’t mean a whole lot out there. She believes that the only thing that matters is the experiences she brings with her and the experiences she takes home with her.

11232893_10155605930890621_8763864987639279216_nAngeli Soneja
Angeli Soneja surfs the Internet and writes for a living. Watching movies and live music gets her blood pumping. A proud owner to a 10-year-old Siamese named Kimy and a newbie make-up junkie (oh hey, it rhymes!).

Partner Bloggers

Joseph Corpus Ligero
Joseph Corpus Ligero is a 17 year old style blogger and student from the University of Santo Tomas. He went from being a passionate dancer to a dedicated fashion blogger who aims to share his love for the art of clothing in his own iconic way.

Creative Staff

Janica Danielle C. Navarro
Irish C. Apuada
Christian Xavier T. Balugay