The Pvblic takes matters into their own hands with their response to extrajudicial killings

Kaka Corral

People have been walking around, commuting with signboards


With the trending hashtag #CardboardJustice


Against extrajudicial killings


Because the pvblic has had enough.


Hope Swann tells us why she started the movement Cardboard Justice.

“Cardboard Justice started as a personal protest. I, like so many other Filipinos, have been so frustrated by the number of extrajudicial killings and summary executions being reported in the news. But it was really only when I read Director General Ronald Dela Rosa’s quote, ‘Many have died, do we stop now?’ that I really felt a strong desire to /do something/ and the idea came to me in the middle of teaching one of my classes. The social media aspect of Cardboard Justice only really started the day after, when my friend Adrienne [Onday] posted about her experience on her Facebook and the post became viral. I have to admit that The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and Those Who Walk Away from Omelas were big influences as the concept of scapegoating is so central to the killings.

Likewise, Adrienne Onday shares Hope’s thoughts on helping her with the Cardboard Justice movement.

“I just followed Hope’s steps. I thought that the people really needed to wake up and speak out about the rising death toll. Since I was up north and Hope was in the south, I knew we would have a different audience in our locations which would broaden the coverage of all the people we get to think.”

She adds, “I really just felt the need to finally do something about an issue that practically close to no one was talking about. Facebook posts just don’t do it for me anymore. I’m tired of screaming into the proverbial void and not being heard. This definitely brings the issue to the people themselves, not just intellectuals or pseudointellectuals who are limited to keyboard debates on Facebook.”

Christian Bautista shared his very own type of justice.

christian bautista

“Just in case mapagkamalan din akong pusher tulad sa nangyari sa iba na walang ebidensya at due process. Iba na ang handa,” he wrote in his post.

He explains it was this story that urged him to carry his NBI clearance with him around like a school ID:

lance angeleslance angeles2lance angeles3

“Daan ko din sya everyday papasok sa work kasi. Nakakaparanoid lang kasi, paano kung wala kang dalang ID or enough proof na hindi ikaw yung kamukha lang na nahuli nila dati.”

Christian adds, “Lalo na may mga tattoo ako. Feeling ko lang hindi na safe lumabas. Hindi mo na alam sino kakampi mo.”

This is what we’ve become.

Not unless we do something about it. #CardboardJustice

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