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And yes, change is the constant thing in the world. Here are the illustrations of the changes in technology. You must be lucky if you still got to use the old ones.


Cassette tape and iPod

Cassette tape was invented and released by the Philips Company of the Netherlands in 1962 mainly used for recording and playback. By 2002, most of the major music companies have discontinued their production of cassette tapes. To rewind and fast forward, you certainly know why a cassette tape and pencil are partners.

On October 23, 2001, iPod was launched by Apple. By 2004, it became wildly successful product, making it more convenient to listen to songs as you can simply put it in your pocket.


Typewriter and Laptop

As early as 1714, Christopher Latham Sholes had the concept of typewriter but Henry Mill reinvented it in 1867. This was practically used for writing business correspondence.

The first laptop was released in 1989 by IBM. Since it is portable and convenient to use, people can work wherever they are.


Flash drive and Diskette

This is a removable data storage medium that can be read and written using personal computers. Its 1.44MB capacity is already enough for storing files such as images and documents. The first floppy disk was introduced in 1971 by Alan Shugart while the 5 1/4’” was in 1976 and 3 1/2” was in 1981.

This small portable hard drive is being plugged into a computer and has a varied large storage capacity used for storing data. This comes in various storage capacity—from to 4GB up to 1TB and is convenient to bring.


Compact disc and VHS

Developed by Japan Victor Company in 1976, this tape is made of plastic shell held together with five screws. This was then widely used by consumers at home and Betamax was its main competitor back then.

This flat and round disc is used in storing digital data—documents, videos to audio was invented by James Russell. This was put in the market in 1970. This can be played in CD players, computers and laptops and is usually 700 MB.


Pager and mobile phone

This was invented in 1962. Also called beeper, this pocket-sized electronic device is used to send and/or receive messages using an internal transmitter.

Smartphones with an advanced mobile operating system—Android and iOS are getting more innovation as time goes by. There are a number of applications available for the users’ convenience.

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