‘Stranger Things’ OTP Jancy goes from reel to real

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Looks like the Internet feud among “Stranger Things” fans arguing which love team between the Jancy (Jonathan-Nancy) and Stancy (Steve-Nancy) should end up together will finally be laid to rest in our browsing histories.


While we see the OG couple Stancy on good terms at the end of season one, it seems like Natalia Dyer didn’t put Charlie Heaton in the friendzone. And there’s no reason to tag him out of the competition yet—it’s way too early for that.


Maybe we just want some reel-to-real action here, but when we saw Buzzfeed’s latest gossip on the two “Stranger Things” stars, it gave us pure joy. Don’t you just love how Hollywood gossip keeps you young?

tumblr_ox99ncJDdt1vdojrwo1_500The two were seen walking side by side, and Charlie had a slight grasp on Natalia’s fingers. They both seemed pleased with each other’s company. That’s the way to level up from monster-hunting, if you ask us!

The show’s follow-up season will drop all its episodes on Oct. 27 on Netflix. There were already hints that Stancy will have a troubled relationship, and every Jancy supporter out there must be screaming their lungs out.


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