Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day merch aren’t hard to love

We The Pvblic

Millennial Pink is so yesterday, but for those who have loved the color since forever it simply doesn’t matter.

We found some tumblers to add to your Millennial Pink collection, and it’s dominated by heart prints just in time for Valentine’s season. Pastel colors dominate this year’s Starbucks Valentine’s merchandise, and we love all its charm details and the imperfect brush stroke effect of the designs.

From plastic, ceramic, and metal, there’s a tumbler made for each personality. You should totally use these to help minimize your personal waste, there are too much plastic already swimming in our oceans.

We hope you’re into all things shiny cause there’s an iridescent blue metal tumbler with a straw. The color stands out more in person!

February makes you get used to seeing hearts everywhere!

Wouldn’t this ceramic tumbler make your work desk cuter? Plus, we’re also loving the cork board detail on this all-pink tumbler!

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