SPOTTED: Selena Gomez and The Weeknd had a make out sesh and ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid was not having it

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Pop culture has once again made a shocking revelation this 2017 with the help of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd’s sudden makeout session behind a dumpster in Santa Monica on Tuesday night.

It looks like The Weeknd doesn’t know the three month rule after breaking up with an ex. Break it down for us Popoy:

Elle says Bella was still following Selena on Instagram as of 10:30 am PST on Wednesday.

We think she saw the viral photo around 12:27 pm, when she unfollowed the “Kill Em with Kindness” singer.

However, Bella isn’t cutting ties with The Weeknd just yet.

And as of 12:49 pm, Selena was seen still following Bella on IG.

Things were so much simpler back in September 2015 where they still hung out.

And when Bella liked Selena’s first ever photo on the social media giant after her hiatus.

Everything has changed.

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