Soon at Universal Studios Japan: ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘Final Fantasy’

Vinz Lamorena

Casting spells and mugs of Butterbeer aren’t the only things that will make you want to visit Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, anymore. Two of the biggest pop culture cults are going to add to the theme park fun, and it’s will be a sure ’90s kid treat.

Globally-loved manga-turned-animé “Sailor Moon” and video game franchise “Final Fantasy” are set to have their own attractions in the theme park, capturing the very essence of the Japanese pop influence and making fans and visitors alike experience the iconic franchises.


Based on the poster announcement, which includes a photo of Cloud Strife, the Final Fantasy attraction will kick off with its most popular role-playing game “Final Fantasy VII.” It skyrocketed the game’s global fanbase and the franchise’s first movie ever even continued its story arc in “Advent Children.” First released internationally in the year 1997, the game is set for a remake with kickass graphics soon—maybe just in time for Universal’s attraction opening on January 2018.

Fans expect a more vintage vibe from the Sailor Moon expansion with the vintage manga style used on the same announcement. If places from the animé will be recreated in the theme park just like “Harry Potter’s” Hogsmeade, it will be the perfect place to cosplay “Sailor Moon” characters! We also wish there will be a gift shop that would sell all the “Sailor Moon” jewelry. We’ll all know when it debuts on June next year.

The fun doesn’t end there—“Conan” and “Monster Hunter” will also be part of Universal Studios Japan! It’s damn time to save up for a ticket to the Land of the Rising Sun!

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