Si Chester at ang UV Ride Pa-Ayala is all about the life of a millennial and the wisdom of the older generations

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First job interview jitters come to you for dozens of reasons. Am I qualified for this job? Do I have enough experience for this? Am I capable of doing the job description?

Am I going to be happy?

Chester, a fresh grad, was on his way to Ayala for his first job interview when he met four eccentric strangers in a UV ride stuck in the deadly C5 traffic. Despite the dreadful hours of sitting inside a cramped vehicle, Chester and the four strangers — a 48-year-old job-seeking dad, a 25-year-old flow artist turned accountant, a 50-year-old BPO-manager-slash-Videoke-Queen, and a 30-something wacky driver — found comfort in each other’s ‘traffic’ stories.

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The whole play revolves around decisions, not just for you, but for the people around you.

It helps that each and every character, no matter where they’ve been or what they do, all of them have a story to tell and each one will draw you in completely, with their own beliefs and reasons.

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Some of them had to stop doing what they loved in order to provide for their family. The 25-year-old became an accountant instead of a flow artist, which is totally different from what flow art is. It’s a variety of movement-based disciplines including dance, juggling, fire-spinning, and object manipulation.

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On the other hand, the job-seeking dad was a magician back in the day, a pretty good one too.

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Slack for iOS Upload (36)However, his daughter’s education was suffering, so he made a decision between his love for his art, or his love for his daughter.

Slack for iOS Upload (37)Chester becomes cynical about his future, thinking that everything is just full of sacrifices. But the older generations reassure him it isn’t. Life is just a series of choices, and you decide which decisions you make, which path you’ll take. You are the commander-in-chief of your life and you decide what happens next.

He leaves the pvblic with one question: “Kung ako kayo, anong gagawin niyo?”

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