Did Sharon Cuneta detail her past relationships to the Filipino pvblic?

We The Pvblic

Sharonians, you best be up to speed because Sharon Cuneta may have just given the Filipino pvblic the juicy details for her list of past lovers. Taylor Swift is shaking.

It all started when Krizette Laureta Chu wondered over Facebook what happened between Sharon and Gabby Concepcion, Richard Gomez and Robin Padilla (like we said, it’s a long list of past lovers but let’s keep it between those three men, and of course, her current hubby, Sen. Kiko Pangilinan).

Who was her greatest love? What’s her biggest “What If” moment? Why did Robin get that “Sharon, I will die for you” tattoo?!

Well, Sharon Cuneta answered as April Mondragon, her name in her first movie “Dear Heart.”

Check out the receipts care of Aisa Ipac. AND BEAR WITH US, IT’S A LONG POST, BUT IT’S WORTH IT:

Krizette proceeds to throw her theories out in the open:

Well, guess who just joined the conversation.

What was her greatest regret?

So what was the order of how it happened?

How about Kiko?

Sharon clarified that Kiko had nothing to do with her little rant on Twitter back in 2012:

Robin must’ve been mischievous.

And Gabby got what was coming to him:

She’s not really the clingy type:

Tita Shawie got us like “?!?!”

After the lengthy tell-all tale, she says to her legion of fans that it’s time to sign off:

How do we know it’s real? Ms. Sharon confirmed it herself:

Kiko, better watch your back. 

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