Screw relationships, February is sweeter with Sebastian’s around

We The Pvblic

February can be quite a letdown to those who find themselves single and dateless on Valentine’s day, but who needs to be in a relationship when you are a strong independent individual who can buy yourself just about anything you want and make yourself happy in your own right? (Disclaimer: We are not bitter, as we may sound like).

For example, you can get a Banana Split sundae that you’re not required to split with anyone. Or you can go ahead and treat your best friend to a milkshake date. Whatever kind of sweetness you’re in the mood for, innovative ice cream line Sebastian’s is here to help you out.

They recently introduced their Everyday Sebastian’s promo, and you can enjoy their different sweet treats daily. They pair a free hot chocolate with your order of grilled sweet sandwiches, or give you discounts on their sundaes and milkshakes.

You can look for a fellow sweet tooth to share these goodies with, or you can keep both to yourself.

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