Samsung and Apple may be teaming up for the iPhone 9

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Samsung just may have a bigger role in the Apple iPhone 9.

Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will feature a 5.8-inch OLED screen, which has reportedly been ordered from competitor Samsung.

Samsung’s chip-making devision lost their contract deal to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company years ago, however, the South Korean electronic company dominates 95% of OLED panels for phones.

This apparently made Apple have to depend on a bigger and better supplier for critical iPhone components, which has been its rival in the technology landscape ever since.

The Korea Herald and The Investor, Samsung will have a much larger part in producing the iPhone 9.

According to reports by The Korea Herald and The Investor, Apple will be working with Samsung to produce chips in order to ease the financial blow of the Note 7 explosion fiasco.

The deal was reportedly finalized at Apple’s headquarters after Samsung made the purchase of “advanced chip manufacturing equipment” to be iPhone-exclusive.

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