READ: This thread will show you why all this hypermasculinity bs should stop

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You scroll through your feed hoping to see more cute dog videos, however, there’s always going to be one post that will make you stop and read on. Nowadays, these posts get posted more often. The type that will make your stomach churn and disgusted at the horrid thoughts one can have on an unsuspecting person.

This is that post.

Socrates Jerome shared his story on Twitter where he rode a tricycle heading home.

“Ate chix, bagal mo magmaneho. Gahasain ka namin.”

“Eh ambagal eh! Babae naman yan! Maganda! Maruno ata magkambyo. Aayaw ka pa ba gumahasa?”

“Kung ayaw niya mabastos, sana hindi na siya nagdrive. Ang sarap pa naman niya. Bading lang hihindi don.”

“May tao pala talagang ganun. Men who think women are sex objects.”

“Stop your weird obsession with hypermasculinity na macho mambastos at magassert ng power over women.”

We can get out of this inhumane rot of regress if we finally stop trivializing transgressions with “boys will be boys.” Like the wise Socrates once said,

Get your brain out of your dick.

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