READ: This is the one of the creepiest threads on Twitter

We The Pvblic

Halloween came in early for this Twitter user.


You ever know that feeling when you’re watching a horror movie and you can’t do anything but yell at the protagonist to run as the demons get closer? That’s what it felt like to read this thread.

Twitter user @Iustforlove (Ryan) thought he had won the jackpot when his neighbor asked him to dogsit for $40 per day while she was away for five days.

But Ryan quickly suspected that things were a bit off.

Then tomorrow came.

Twitter users chimed in on the thread, urging Ryan to rescue the dog and get the hell out of there

This was where things got creepy AF: There was a doll in one room, just sitting by its lonesome in a chair, like some kind of Annabelle doll.

There’s only one door locked that leads to the place we all hate in horror movies: the basement.

The woman apparently loves Trump:

Makes a whole lot of sense:

Oh God please no

Well, Ryan got through “one of the scariest nights” of his life

But everyone wondered: Where the hell was the dog?

If y’all want to find out what happened to the dog, you can send Ryan a dm:

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