READ: Lola learns millennial slang and uses it on apo

We The Pvblic

What can be normal for us millennials can be totally different for different generations, especially for the oldies.

Our slang has developed over the years and we’re only including more and more to the already-long dictionary.

Iggy Hugo Zuñiga shared a fictional conversation between a lola and her apo and the results were, well, incredibly funny and enlightening. We can imagine our own lolas learning millennial slang in the series which has over 22,000 shares.




It’s lit

Sometimes, it was used in the worst way:

Wittybunny knows the future.

Love you AF


Zuniga gave a disclaimer regarding the series:

As to what creative writers do, writing some stories needed an inspiration or a theme. The post is a fictional conversation between a grand mom and an apo. I don’t consider this as fake because these are from the real stories of other people and friends. Thus, it reflects a portion of reality. The objective of this post, aside from giving smile and good vibes to the readers, is to show that there is a language barrier between different ages which can actually overcome through simple explanation of such words.

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