READ: How to ask permission from your friend’s strict girlfriend like a Filipino pro

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You know what sucks? When your friend gets a significant other and they’re pretty much all over each other, and the squad hangouts get pushed back since they’re too busy with their partner.

Well, Joshua Agatep had a brilliant plan for his friend to come out and hang with them: an actual excuse letter.

Facebook user Cladgedon Argawanon posted the letter with this nervous thought in mind: “EEPEKTO KAYA YUNG EXCUSE LETTER NG KAIBIGAN KO KAY MISIS”

“Pinapangako po namin na walang sinumang babae ang makakalapit sa boyfriend mo. Hindi din po namin siya papainumin ng alak. And we will assure na hindi po siya aagahan pag uwi,” it read.

“Nagmamakaawa po kaming mga tropa ng boyfriend mo na mahiram siya kahit ilang oras lang po. Kung wala po kayong tiwala sumama nalang po kayo.”

The post has over 22,000 likes and 17,000 shares, so we’re pretty sure people have had the same experience as this guy.

There’s even a place for her signature below because that’s how awesome the letter is. We’ll see how it turns out this May 17!

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