READ: Her ex-boyfriend wrote a ‘future letter’ for her on their supposed 5th anniversary

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“My ex-boyfriend scheduled a ‘future letter’ for me for our supposed 5th anniversary. I am crying.”


Sometimes, you can’t help but fall out of love with someone you swore to love to the moon and back. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of someone you thought would be with you all your life. Sometimes, if it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be.

But sometimes, love comes back and hits you like a runaway train.

Lyka Villegas shared how her ex-boyfriend wrote her a “future letter” which she received on their supposed 5th anniversary, and it is heartbreaking.

There’s a part for if they’re not together anymore as well:

“Despite who called it quits or if it is new or matagal na, I hope you would try to reach out to me after seeing this letter as probably kung di maganda ang pag give up ng isa sa atin sa isa ay may namuong resentment towards the other person.”

“Kung meron man tayong mga bago na by this time, I hope they make us happier than what we have did for each other. Definitely 2014 Julius is happy for you regardless, I just dont know what 2017 Julius thinks about it though.”

Oh look, my heart, shattered all over the floor. *Cries in fetus position*

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