READ: This dad’s crabby yet hilarious preemptive reply to his daughter’s text is priceless

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Holy Week is usually a time to spend with the family and when it comes to having an outing or an event with friends, it’s a bit hard to have the approval of your parents.

Astine Ong is one of the kids with the strict dad. When she texted her dad, with just one word, he went full-on beastmode on her:

This wasn’t actually the first time he had the most hilarious reply to her because damn, fam, the man knows his stuff:

This sparked a thread on Twitter all about dads and their hilariously crabby preemptive replies.

One dad even urged to bring home the dog (Me as a parent TBH):

Some turned the table around and their dads’ replies were completely priceless.

But you know shit’s real when they call you by your full name

But at least they didn’t ignore your existence over Candy Crush, right?

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