READ: Bianca Umali is shamed by the pvblic

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Actress Bianca Umali took a major L when her Facebook post backfired yesterday and everyone from the pvblic said she was a “hypocrite” for even posting it.

Bianca says:

“What I’m sad about is that most of the girls I have observed are more confident about themselves WITH make up on than having LESS or NONE. Here’s the thing we should ALWAYS remember. Papa [God] made each of us unique. Not only on the outside but also on the inside. So why not flaunt that beautiful face of yours without covering anything and leaving it how it really is?”

She adds that she wants every woman who sees her post to share a photo without a filter, makeup, what have you, only a smile.

And it backfired. Big time.

The pvblic mentioned that most of them couldn’t afford Bianca’s lavish and well-known beauty doctor which is why it’s difficult to post a #NoFilter selfie just like hers, even if her on fleek brows say otherwise.

The vanity tax issue even came into the picture

“No make up, no kilay, no mascara, no blush on, no sleep at no money”

Although there were some who came to her aid.

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