How the pvblic reacted to the House’s third and final reading of the death penalty

We The Pvblic

The House of Representatives has decided: it’s a yes for the death penalty.

The bill which seeks to reimpose the death penalty solely for drug-related offenses has been approved on its third and final reading with the final vote – 216 yes, 54 no, and one abstention.

The new version of the House Bill 4727 limits capital punishment only to drug-related offenses, whereas the original one was inclusive of heinous crimes such as rape and plunder.

The outcome has outraged the pvblic, with most of them pointing out the irony in being a Catholic country.


The irony is real.

Du30 shookt.

What is your point in life?

Sober up, Philippines.

Is this something to be proud of?

Stay woke.

A letter to our future kids:

“I will teach you that if you want genuine, meaningful change to come, it starts with a hand reaching out – not one holding a gun, a noose, or a syringe.

I promise, to my very last breath, I will teach you to learn to love this country no matter how painful it can be.”

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