How the pvblic reacted to Francis Libiran and Christian Mark Jacobs’ wedding

This 2017, Francis Libiran and his dashing partner Christian Mark Jacobs tied the knot in Boracay.

The two exchanged a beautiful set of vows and kisses at the gorgeous beach of Boracay. It was said that it was raining on that day, but it stopped just in time for the wedding.

"I will cherish you every day for the rest of my life. I will wake up beside you and thank God for the biggest blessing He has ever given to me. I will love your children, Miggy and Gabby, and care for them as my family. The world may not always be for us, but my world will always be you." @niceprintphoto 📷: @warrengarciaphoto Wedding Planner: @boracayweddings

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Kylie Verzosa, Tim Yap, and Robin Padilla were among the attendees of the couple’s wedding.

Everything was perfect.

..except for the comments.

You know what, this kind of thinking is exactly what’s stopping us from progressing. When you close your mind to certain things, you tend to lock the door on it and spew ignorant, hurtful words instead.

It’s 2017. And it’s time for a change because these two beautiful people just wanted a ceremony to highlight their love, just like any normal couple.

Luckily, not everyone thinks that way.

It’s time to speak up and not let ignorance get in the way of something so beautiful, so lovely as a wedding.

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