IN PHOTOS: The other side of the Philippines

We The Pvblic

The Philippines is one of the hottest tourist spots because of tropical islands surrounded by stunning white sand beaches like Boracay, Siargao, and the likes.

But what tourists don’t see every day is the everyday life of Filipinos who are at the lower end of the socioeconomic hierarchy.

Twitter user @MonsieuraHansLim tweeted a series of photos showing the other side of the Philippines and it is dreadfully beautiful in its own way.

It’s along Vitas Katuparan Chapter in Tondo, Manila.

“If you see the first pic[ture], the family on the side is smiling.”

“I went with Jim around the port area where the Smokey Mountain [A garbage dump in Manila] used to be. The people are nice,” the photographer told the pvblic.

Aesthetically, it’s gorgeous. But what does each photo show? The hardships of a Filipino. The slums where people build lives and continue with their daily routines just to get by the day.

Do you think it’s pretty?

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