People are losing their minds over this color-changing Cinderella dress

We The Pvblic

Everyone is flipping over this color-changing dress and it just gets better and better.

Fashion brand Showpo has apparently created a dress that can change color with the tap of an iPad. The CEO Jane Lu uploaded a video on their YouTube channel, showing the model in the dress which changed from pink, to blue, to purple.

But some people aren’t buying the whole thing, calling bs on it and the use of a video editor to edit the colors in the video. One commenter said, “If this was real the U.S. military would pay her billions for this technology and it would be decades before it reached the consumer market.”

Another said, “Possibly couldn’t be faker. Almost instantaneously it reeks of acting, selfie style camera held by DSLR, over the top reactions from all.”

But then again, a Showpo spokesperson said to mentioned that “Jane has always wanted to be innovative and ahead of the game when it comes to technology.”

Legit or not, this would be an amazing piece of technology that would legitimately change the whole OOTD game.

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