Penshoppe’s #DoNoMistake DIY bar will make you more crazy for denim

Vinz Lamorena

My wardrobe is mostly composed of denim—jeans, jackets, shorts, skirts, chambrays, you name it.

But upon entering Penshoppe’s Denimlab popup at the Glorietta Palm Drive Activity Area, my eyes easily spotted more denim staples I could cop.


I wanted the same pieces that were already hanging in my closet, but I convinced myself that I would be purchasing different colors (darker shades, mixed patches of blue) and styles (uneven or frayed hems, maybe even some frilled accents?).

But Penshoppe had something better in mind: Painted denim.

Yes, they want you to customize the pieces on your shopping basket.

With designs by the talented Archie Geotina and KITA, the biggest hits of the popup DIY bar would be their Silkscreen and Painting stations. I really wish Penshoppe does an entire collection with designs by Filipino contemporary artists—I would probably be the first in line when it comes out.

Artists KITA and Archie Geotina
Artists KITA and Archie Geotina

There are six massive designs for the silkscreen painting, and all these add a funky personality to your basic denims. You can also opt for different colored paint splashes on your Penshoppe pieces, making it unique with each blot and stroke.

PEN 1Flowers, sunnies, hearts—these are also carefully hand-painted to rework your denim. Don’t forget to let the featured artists sign your new clothes—it is, after all, a canvas on its own.

Since we’re on the topic of denim, I feel like we should put this out there: No one tells you how hard it is to find the perfect pair of jeans. I mean c’mon, we all have different body types. Sometimes the jeans in the cut and color you’re crazy for doesn’t complement your shape.

Most of the time, the perfect pair doesn’t come in the design you want—in my case, distressed denim. But I didn’t have to worry about it one bit at the DIY bar, I could focus on finding jeans that had the perfect cut, length, and fit as I could easily add the worn-out look to any denim afterward.

The Distressing station is manned by Mara Reyes and her team. You can decide if they would rework your denim to have minimal or massive rips, and on which parts you specifically want these on.

A minimum purchase of P500 lets you customize your denim at one DIY station, P1000 for two, and P1500 for three.

PEN 3 (1)Your customized denim will take a lot of time to finish, you can either watch them work on your Penshoppe picks or watch a movie to pass the time. But as they say, good things take time.


The #DoNoMistake Denim DIY bar will only be up until tomorrow, July 26.

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