#NoWords: Camiguin’s new tourism video will leave you speechless

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Camiguin get me, get me, get me, baby I’m yours.

Camiguin has released a breathtaking tourism video that will leave you speechless.

The campaign titled “No Words” kicks off with a tourist describing Camiguin as “small, quiet, and boring.” But once she takes a tour around the island with her mute guide, she quickly finds out that the Island Born of Fire is anything but unremarkable.

She traveled the island on a small plane, via motorcycle, and on foot and nothing but bliss was on her mind. Tuasan Falls was absolutely beautiful, and we’re pretty sure the local delicacies made the trip a lot sweeter.

One part of the video shows her dancing with the locals in the Lanzones Festival and all the rash judgments quickly went away.

Camiguin’s provincial government said that the video was created by a “team of creative millennials.” #TeamMillennials

It was launched just in time for the 38th Lanzones Festival on October 22 to 31.

Director ER Alviz shared that the video was produced with a “lean team.”

Alviz adds, “I was left awestruck every single time we moved from one location to another… It makes me so proud to be a Filipino that we have something like this island in our backyard.”

The tourist finds herself in total serenity as it closes, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way. Watch it to believe it and get your bags ready.

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