This is not a drill: Krispy Kreme’s Original Glaze gets a chocolate treatment

We The Pvblic

 Dear Krispy Kreme Philippines, we saw the video with chocolate Original Glaze doughnuts and you can damn well bet that we want it—badly.

“The Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Original Glaze is going chocolate,” Krispy Kreme’s latest teaser video says with matching Star Wars-esque editing.

This glistening sweet perfection will only be available in select US and Canada branches, but we hope the doughnut chain makes it available locally and becomes a permanent menu item.

The limited edition doughnut drifts along with this month’s solar eclipse on Aug. 21. Lucky doughnut lovers from the US and Canada can get first dibs when Krispy Kreme’s iconic “Hot Light” turns on during the weekend of Aug. 19 to 20.

This definitely changes the doughnut game. We’re totally ready to say goodbye to the Chocolate Iced Glaze doughnut—for a day that is—and trade it for something much, much better.

You don’t need much imagination to picture this rare sinful treat purely enveloped in chocolate doughnut glaze—it’s still the original doughnut that you love, just made perfect.

The sumptuous and decadent looking doughnut will definitely have you lining up for dozens.

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