We’re not getting emotional over a laptop ad, you are

We The Pvblic

“Love kita.”

“Mahal ko siya.”

It’s all about timing, really. Sometimes, the things you want most in the world require perfect timing and we all know timing’s a b****.

Kita Kita co-stars Alessandra de Rossi and Empoy Marquez team up in Acer Philippines’ new ad which is surprisingly getting everyone emotional with Empoy’s sweet, pa-fall lines, and Alessandra’s heartache and longing for Mark.

While they reel the pvblic in with the love story, subtle hints of Acer and Salvatore Mann can also be seen in scenes like when Empoy’s character got rejected from his dream job, when Abby (Alessandra) ran off crying when she was fed up with Mark’s ways.

Well mostly, we just want the two to meet again in the end and hopefully by then, everything will fall into place and it’ll be okay.

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