‘Nicki Minaj’ playing ‘Resident Evil 7’ is all you need to get you through the game

We The Pvblic

Nicki Minaj and Resident Evil are two separate entities in this world that just doesn’t mix. But apparently, thanks to Gia Katya, it does.

Gia voices Nicki in this thrilling start of Resident Evil 7 and the results were downright hilarious. Nicki goes on to search for answers and she’s just not having it.

When she was made to go down a ladder and when she was asked what she saw, Nicki says, “I see nothing because I’m not turning around. That’s a nice wall. That’s a really nice wall, I don’t wanna turn around.”

There’s a lot more shenanigans in that Youtube video and it only gets better. Kudos Gia for keeping in character even though we noticed it was pretty hard, especially with the jump scares!

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